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IT Security: Audits, Tests, Analysis, Projects, Protecting, Securing, Recovery

Data and information security is always a base of IT infrastructure functioning. Sensitive data must be properly protected against loss, leaking and unauthorized access. Over 20 years in IT industry, working as a sys-ops, database and network admins, IT security officers and IT auditors we provide the best standards. For our clients we offer highest levels of CIA – confidentiality, integrity and availability, as well as security and protection.

Data security

We have been involved in many projects and designs of the secure IT infrastructures and networks for small, middle and big business. We can analyse, audit, design, protect, secure, consult, test and take care of Your data and structure. Best results and professional level of information security are our goals even for the most challenging clients – and of course customer satisfaction.

During the audit processes we concentrate on the risk analysis, assessment of the IT infrastructure parameters and configuration, alternate solution evaluation. vulnerability detection and evaluation, threat management processes and error mitigation. We follow the standards, codes and best practices:


  • Code of Professional Ethics by ISACA
  • COBIT 5.0
  • ITIL v. 3.0
  • ISO 27001
  • BS 7799 / ISO/IEC 17799
  • Personal Data Protection


We also concentrate on the client and customer satisfaction to meet the conditions, fulfill the client’s expectations and provide the best suggestions, as well as analyse the business impact.

Data security

Courses, trainings and CISA certification, and over 20 years of practical work guarantee the required level of experience. Please feel free to contact us and see our offer for more details.